The new trending female movement about Free Bleeding on social media which is a popular imageboard website, has been a mission to convince women that feminine hygiene products are a form of oppression and they should not be utilised.  The hashtag on twitter called “Operation Freebleeding” or “Free Bleeding” is now a movement in which a woman who is menstruating chooses to let her blood flow freely out of her body, staining her clothes and thighs, flowing to wherever it may end up, instead of using feminine hygiene products.

The idea behind this trend consists of two ideas. The first idea was a woman’s menstrual cycle should not be considered unclean or unnatural, and it surely shouldn’t be considered as something to be hidden before it offends or irks out anyone. Secondly, pads, tampons and other feminine hygiene products are man-made inventions. With these two reasons combined, had lead women to make a stand against wearing products which absorb, collect and discard the menstrual flow. Women would love letting it run freely, they believe that it is nature’s way intended for them to deal with their periods. Not to mention, the conservative and traditionalist Malaysian community would eminently reject the slightest thought of this impractical act.


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