The name of Need for Speed had been around for decades. Being one of the most successful product of EA, the quality gameplay experience is definitely needless to be further elaborated. However, great games come with a price and EA games can cost a lot especially when the currency conversion is not in our favor. From “The Need for Speed” to the latest “NFS : Rivals” prices are always the only thing bugging players to try it out.

Thanks to Need for Speed World, now you can experience this top quality gameplay experience without paying a single cent. While that being said, cash equipped players are frequently favored by developers and EA is definitely one of them as by making cash purchases, one can easily outmatch (in terms our car quality) the others who rely solely on In-Game Cash (IGC). As how most EA F2P games works, NFSW introduces SpeedBooster which can only be purchased by cash (or obtained for free in rare events). With SpeedBoosters, players are eligible to purchase better cars in-game. As an example, cars that are ranked at S-class are all only sold in the currency of SpeedBooster while even among the A-class cars, only numerous of them that are with no complimentary customizations are sold in the currency of In-Game Cash.

Speaking of gaming experience, if you had ever played Need for Speed Carbon and Need for Speed Most Wanted, you will find similar driving scenarios all over the map as NFSW is intended to create a world when all the Need for Speed maps are merged together. The control keys are relatively easy where it mainly involves WASD and up, down, left, right keys for basic direction control, space bar for handbrake and key 1, 2, 3, 4 are associated to certain buffs which you earned along with your winnings throughout the game.

One major turn down for Asian gamers are that there still isn’t any server located or even near Asia. All their servers are located in US and EU which results in high ping and laggy performance. However, given a good ‘driver’ the laggy-ness can actually be turned into an additional weapon for you to trash off your opponents in races. Throughout my personal plays in the game, the delay feels like part of the game where if you utilize it well, your opponents will be pushed off the road easily.

While customization parts are more difficult to be obtained in NFSW than any other games in NFS franchise, the options for customization are never reduced. From performance parts such as Engines, Transmission to Aftermarket customization of bumper and spoiler, it provides as much if not more customization options when compared to other games in the franchise.

In the end of the day, great F2P online games are barely seen and racing games are even fewer. Of all that exist, Need for Speed World is by far one of the best at its own genre. While players may feel like it is just another EA’s money vacuuming games, it definitely worth trying out especially since it is F2P, you have nothing to lose afterall.


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