As long as you have been playing PC games for a considerable amount of time, you should be relatively familiar with the name of “Warcraft”. From Warcraft I, II to III, it has always been one of the most played games in the world made by the arguably best game producers, Blizzard. As a follow-up to the story lines, players can continue their adventure of the fantasy Azeroth universe where the World of Warcraft (referred as WoW below) take place. For those who had been playing the Warcraft series, reading up the fictional Warcraft story books (I know a lot of you are unaware but yes it exist) or even played the original DotA All-Star, you would easily find familiar faces here in the game as you watch through some cinematics, play through some quests, or even dungeoning all over while pummeling up your level.

At the very beginning of the game, you will be asked to create a character of you by first, choosing your race and class. Each race has its own story and a different starting point in the game while different class decides the role you will play throughout the game. Choices can be very personal where there are people who likes to pick a gnome warlock because he likes to see that mini-sized creature throwing up all the massively huge stuff all over, while others may be very technical as each race comes with a certain set of unique ability so there may be certain race that actually suits certain class more than the other. Besides, choosing a race is also choosing your side between Alliance and Horde (except Pandaren which you will only choose your side much later). One thing to note here is that WoW has a very good naming mechanism when it comes to generating a random In-Game Name as a lot of time these names doesn’t sounds random at all but relatively cool (at least to me).

At the very early stage of the game, you’ll spend most of the time completing quests that grants you tons of experience, sufficient In-Game Currency (IGC as below) as well as some better equipments. However, as you level, your leveling option increased. By level 10, you will unlock the PvP Arena option and immediately when you hit level 15, most people went drilling all over the dungeon while leveling their character. Later as you hit higher levels such as level 85 or 90, you will be eligible for more gameplay options such as raiding.

In a game of MMORPG, death is always inevitable. However, the mechanism used by WoW in dealing with character in-game death is indeed brilliant. Unlike most of the games where you lose your hard-earned experience, items or currency, in WoW, you will have to walk from the nearest graveyard all the way back to your body in a spirit form. While you are in this form, you cannot attack and cannot be attacked as well but you can walk on water. While that being said, there are also other options on this such as being resurrected by a friend or talk directly to the angel who will resurrect you immediately with a cost of your armor taking serious damage on it.

All in all,  it is a game that is pretty easy to pick up but you will as well be trapped in the game. While you can play the first 20 levels for free registering a Starter Pack account at, the rest of the game has to be unlocked through purchase. Even though the idea of pay to play may not be as pleasing to most people, do note that it is such system that controls the quality of the players. They may not all be a gentlemen but chances are, gamers here have way more matured mentality compared to those you meet in some random F2P games.

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