What is the best portable gaming laptop on earth? Before GS70 Stealth, most people would have given you a clear answer of Razer Blade Pro with its ultra-thin design, super-powerful specifications and also the Switchblade UI, is undoubtedly the best laptop available in the market. Not until MSI announced its GS70 Stealth which seemingly designed to compete with Razer Blade Pro along with a cheaper price. (like all the MSI laptop does when compare to other similar laptops)

As the official release of MSI GS70 Stealth takes place, Razer Blade Pro is no longer the thinnest and lightest gaming laptop. GS70 (0.86 inch, 5.73 pounds) is in fact just 0.02 inch thinner than Blade Pro (0.88 inch, 6.58 pounds) while 0.85 pound lighter which as an overall, made it ‘more portable’.

The price difference between the 2 is relatively large as Razer Blade Pro with the 128GB SSD is priced at $2299, MSI GS70 Stealth that comes with 128GB SSD + 750GB HDD only cost $1799. While we are at it, the capacity of system memory available for GS70 Stealth (16GB DDR3) also doubles the one available at Blade Pro (8GB DDR3). However, Razer Blade Pro’s unique Switchblade UI made up for the price difference. (provided if it is useful to you)

Gaming experience is all it matters after all since it is a ‘gaming’ laptop. Although MSI has double the system memory, various test had shown that both system scored exactly the same for this category as they both are equipped with Intel Core i7-4700HQ Quad-core CPU and Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M.

Besides, the laptop’s keyboard and touchpad make significant difference for user experience as well. Both machines scored well in this since MSI is equipped with SteelSeries Gaming Keyboard while Razer, as a well-known gaming accessory manufacturing company, needless to mention, made impressive keyboard for the laptop as well.

As for the any-other-stuff, such as USB ports, external display options and network cards, MSI has the upper hand since it provides 4 USB 3.0 ports compared to 3 by Razer Blade Pro while GS70 Stealth comes with a HDMI and dual mini Display-Port which can support up to 3 device at one time compared to Razer Blade Pro’s 1 HDMI output. Both systems have Killer Wireless Networking included.

MSI has been a quick rising brand for gaming machines and had offered several amazingly affordable gaming machines especially laptop such as GE60 and also high-end gaming laptop such as GT60/GT70. Hence, it is not a surprise that MSI is capable of coming out with such a quality laptop at a more decent price compared to its competitor.

Meanwhile, Razer, widely-known for its quality gaming accessories had also made its name sound loud in the laptop industries. Not to mention, the idea of selling Razer Blade Pro to independent game developers for a cheaper price of $999 is definitely a good move to encourage more game developers to test their game effects and optimize it according to the laptop (especially Switchblade UI) which eventually encourage more gamers into purchasing the system.

All in all, both companies made great system and it definitely depends on you personally of your choice of laptop. If you prefer a more unique and sleek laptop, Razer Blade Pro would be your definite choice but if you think that paying extra for a gaming laptop with only 128GB of storage is ridiculous, go for MSI then! (Somehow Macbook is being left out for the meantime. Well, it is not meant for gaming anyway.)

*Prices are all stated in USD

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