Wedding is the most important event in life especially for for girl. When everyone focus on you, how can you look down? Let learn how to have a bridal beauty plan,let you be the shine on your day!

1st stage..
Solve skin problems and repair injured skin
(3-2 months before)
-use stronger sunblock : ultraviolet can cause skin dull,skin color not even.Thus it is a must for sunblock to prevent and improve skin problems.
-deep cleansing : too much dead skin will cause nutrients from skin care products cannot absorb by our skin,so skin will look dull. Weekly once deep cleanings and whole body scrubbing will improve skin digestion,let skin look bright again.
Hydrating : beside daily use hydrating’s skin care, get another hydrating Essenes, weekly twice apply hydrating masks to let your skin get more water.
-Oil control : try to use more oil control products to prevent acne.

2nd stage
Let your skin more energetic
(1month before)
– whole body treatment : every week go beauty saloon for professional skin treatment, It help on cleaning all dead skin, let skin look more smooth.
– skin nutrients : weekly at least twice apply whitening masks, let skin supply more energetic contents.
– essences treatment : whitening and hydrating essence is skin nutrient’s menu. After one month treatment, skin will become more healthy and white white oh 🙂
-partly treatment : hand and foot treatment also very important. Beside. Daily apply lotion, try to do scrubbing and deeply treatment such as hand mask and foot mask, let u have a smooth hand.

3rd stage
maintain best status
(1week before)
– More whitening : beside daily treatment, every night apply apply whitening mask will let your skin more white and smooth.

4th stage
enough hydrating and rest
(1day before)
– Hydrating : relax and take a bath. Scrubbing and apply hydrating mask. Let skin be on best status to wait wedding ceremony.


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