KUALA LUMPUR, March 11 – Malaysian police said today one of two suspect passengers who flew on a missing passenger jet was an Iranian illegal immigrant, as relatives of some of the 239 people on board said their hopes for a miracle were ebbing away. 

Authorities have doubled the search radius to 100 nautical miles (equivalent to 185 kilometres) around the point where Malaysia Airlines MH370 disappeared from radar over the South China Sea early Saturday, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

“We are intensifying our search and rescue, and hoping against hope there is still an opportunity for us to rescue (the passengers and crew),” Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Husseinhe told reporters. 

The parliament of Muslim-majority Malaysia observed a moment of silence and prayer for the 227 passengers and 12 crew. The 34-year-old son of Malaysian security guard Subramaniam Gurusamy was on the flight to do business in Beijing for an oil company.

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