Follow the instructions giving by your stylist. If you have any questions about what clothes to bring, then call them. Basically,For female, you will be asked to bring silicon bra (buy one more for backup as sweat can reduce the stickiness) and high heel. ; For male, white/black leather shoes with socks, trousers/jeans with belts and long sleeves.

Guys and girls,Be shaved/waxed where appropriate before the photo shoot. Be careful and don’t hurt yourself with the blades! Shower and wash you hair clean before going to bridal studio.

Have your eyebrows plucked? They won’t do it for you. Well, It depends on the bridal anyway.

Bride and Bridal get enough sleep. Basically the shoot don’t start that early so spend your time sleeping instead of other things.Thus, Pack/Prepare your things to bring for photo shoot one day ahead.

Have your nails manicured? done to be pretty and presentable. Your hands will NOT be hidden in the pictures. There’ll be lots of shots which hand are on or around the face, so this is very important. Also paint your toe nails.

If your bridal studio include make-up/hair artist, go to the shoot earlier and do not wear anything like make-up, moisturizer. They will need to apply ampoules to your skin.

Instead of a pullover, wear a button up shirt so that you won’t disturb the make-up and hair when you are begin to change the session.

Bring face towels if you think you will sweat a lot during the photo shoot. Bring your own accessories if you have any. Else they will use what they have in shop.

Lastly, be prepared to smile-non stop 🙂



Firstly,take care our skin texture especially face. Do not scrub for three days before the photo shoot. Your skin will be sensitive,this will affect your photo. If you suddenly found acne on your face days before the photo shoot,Do not scratch it too.

Secondly, Don’t try out any new hairstyle that you are unsure before the shoot. You might be asked to dye your hair if you have black hair so that you can see the hair patterns in the photos. Do not use hair conditioner or hair mask a week before the photo shoot to keep your hair do from falling off. Unless you opt for no hair do photo shoot.

Remember, Don’t drink/party the night before. This maybe make you feel blur!!

Don’t ever try to skip your breakfast and lunch. If your are having an afternoon/evening session, take a light lunch. Bring food for yourself, water (with straw for the bride) and some sweets. It will takes up a lot of energy to do a photo shoot and you certainly don’t want to run out of attention before the session is over.

Some people may choose not shave for a week. Leave body hair to grow about 1cm and shave in the early morning before the photo shoot. So you will have a clean shave without black spot on the skin.

Bride do not wear black or dark color underwear. Choose white or beige colour. This to protect yourself.

If possible,bride is advice not to wear any watch and glasses. Again, its up to personal preference as some people maybe feel uncomfortable.

Last but not the least,do not be late to bridal studio!


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