PUTRAJAYA: Police have mobilised a six-member team including three forensic personnel from the Putrajaya District Police Headquarters (IPD) to investigate the disappearance of the bag belonging to the journalist from Hong Kong. The team, which arrived at about 8.30pm, carried out a check for about 30 minutes at the lobby of the Everly hotel, here, which was the last place the victim had placed his bag while making a coverage on the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370 which was reported missing since March 8. In the incident at about 4.30pm on Thursday, the Assistant News Editor from ‘Now TV’ Hong Kong, Chan Wai Lai, 36, lost about RM15,000 and travel documents together with credit cards and video camera tape recordings. He found his haversack missing upon his returning from the Alamanda shopping centre nearby after going out with two friends to buy a pre-paid card at about 4pm. Chan was said to have left his bag at the hotel lobby together with a group of local and foreign journalists before purchasing prepaid cards at the Alamanda shopping complex located next to the hotel.

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