BAYAN LEPAS, March 22 – It was a nightmare scare for world No.1 Datuk Nicol David against Nour El Sherbini this evening 5:00pm at Penang International Sports Arena. Datuk Nicol David lost to Nour El Sherbini but she did just enough to scrape through the quarter-finals of the Penang-CIMB 29th Women’s World Championship at the SPICE Arena.

“She been inside and nothing do inside. She is been in the row from the very beginning and she is going for every thing that mean so that everybody do their best squash to me and today should be in the play one of the best squash that she manage to win it,” said Datuk Nicol David.

“I was just wasn’t at sharp at the end but she took the chances that you know what I could did my best and it was not my day today. It was a fair play to Sherbini, she deserve that win. It wasn’t just a miss but the thing most important she playing a bit more incentive,” Datuk Nicol David added.


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