KUALA LUMPUR, March 23 – New satellite images from the French authorities indicating that potential objects may be related to Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Flight MH370 in the vicinity of the southern corridor, have raised fresh hopes in the search operation for the missing plane as it enters the 16th day. The transport ministry said Malaysia received the images from the French authorities this morning, and they were immediately relayed to Australia’s Rescue Co-ordination Centre.

Updates on the MH370’s search operation were provided through a statement as there was no media briefing Sunday. The daily 5.30pm media briefing held at the Sama-Sama Hotel near the KL International Airport since March 8, has been moved to the Putra World Trade Centre, beginning today. Prior to this, Australia and China have released satellite images which show potential objects, which may be related to MH370, in the vicinity of the southern corridor.

“All this information has been forwarded to Australia, as the lead country in the area of concern,” said the statement. The ministry said Malaysia had been informed by Australian officials that they had not made any new sighting regarding MH370 as at 2.30pm today. Meanwhile, the Australia Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) said its search operation today, involved visual search.

AMSA general manager John Young told a news conference in Canberra today, that despite the visual searches taking some time and posing difficulty, the plan was to continue the search. AMSA said the satellite image of a floating object in the southern Indian Ocean provided by China yesterday, fell within the search area. The Beijing-bound MAS aircraft with 239 passengers and crew disappeared from the radar on March 8.

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