Press Statement On Penang Second Bridge Toll Rate



Press Statement on Penang Second Bridge Toll Rate By MP Bayan Baru Sim Tze Tzin on 27th March, 2013

I express regret that after 27 days, Penang 2nd Bridge toll rate remains a mystery. Yesterday in Parlimen, I had intense debate with Deputy Works Minister YB Dato Rosnah, when she answered my questions in Parliament during her ministry wrap up session. She informed the parliament, that the government has decided the toll rate, however she refused to reveal the details. She kept on saying LLM will announce the rate.

To me, this is absolutely unacceptable. Parliament is the highest legislative body in the country. Ministry must answer parliamentarians’ queries in the spirit of check and balance, transparency and accountability. This is exactly the attitude that international media from China, Europe and US have been criticising on ‪MH370‬. Yet, the government still refuse to change and the same attitude remained.

Secondly, minister is the boss to LLM, why the decision by the boss be passed to a subordinate agency to announce? This raises suspicious that second bridge toll rate could be very high. Also raised was 20% discount on Touch n Go be applied to 2nd bridge, minister also refused to answer. Last but not least, Penang 2nd Bridge concession period is the longest in the country, every Penangites has a right to know as they, their children and their grandchildren have to pay the toll. With 4 days free trial period to go, Penangites demand answer immediately.

Sim Tze Tzin, MP

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