Terengganu Footballers Express After Malindo Air flight Landed Safely



PETALING JAYA: Terengganu players have taken to social media to share their experience on the Malindo Air flight that caught fire enroute to Kuala Terengganu Wednesday morning. Midfielder Mohd Faiz Subri posted a short note about their safe landing on his Facebook account along with a photo of the plane wing on fire. “Detik cemas alhamdulillah selamat berpatah balik ke subang airport (An anxious moment but Alhamdulillah, we have returned safely to Subang Airport),” he posted.

Midfielder Mario Karlovic also added that one of the engines gave way after the incident. “Flying back to Terengganu from KL and plane catches fire in mid air! 1 engine stopped working… Thank God we landed safe,” he said. Defender Zubir Azmi also posted on his Instagram account, expressing gratitude for their safety. “Alhamdulillah umur masih panjang.. Keadaan amat mencemaskn.. Alhamdulillah sempat mendarat dengan selamat (The situation was distressing. Alhamdulillah, the plane landed lafely,”

Goalkeeper Sharbinee Allawee also explained via Instagram that the plane they were on had caught fire at its side. However, the situation was quickly resolved with the pilot’s skill in handling the plane. “alhamdulillah… umur masih pnjang..enjin kapal terbang yang dinaiki terbakar sebelah..dgn kepakaran pilot dpt mendarat dgn selamat.. (The engine of the plane had caught fire on its side. With the expertise of the pilot, the plane landed safely),” he said. Another passenger who was on the flight during the episode was Ita Hasni. In replying to negative comments and speculation on the Malindo flight, she asked for readers to be more mindful of their statements and to respect the emotions of those onboard.

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