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PENANG, April 2 – The efficient water supply management implemented by Penang Water Supply Corporation or PBAPP has allowed Penang to avoid water rationing in April 2014. If April 2014 proves to be another dry month, the Penang State Government and Perbandanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang (PBAPP) will implement a contingency action plan to avoid water rationing by further upgrading our existing efficient water supply management and implementing water demand management measures.

Amongst the water supply management includes:-

  1. The Penang State Government will request the Federal Government to initiate cloud seeding to create rainfall in the Muda Catchments to sustain the level of Sungai Muda.
  2. The Penang State Government will inform the Water Supplu Department (Jabatan Bekalan Air) of the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water (KeTTHA) to request Kedah to release water into the Sungai Muda to sustain a sufficient level of PBAPP to continue drawing water for water supply in Penang. KeTTHA had provided a write  guarantee that water will be released from Kedah into the Sungai Muda whenever there is a shortfall, during the construction and defects liability period of the Mengkuang Dam expansion project. The cost of Kedah releasing water into Sungai Muda if any, would be borne by the KeTTHA.


Sungai Muda & Dams Status Update:
The most critical factor is the level of Sungai Muda, from which PBAPP extracts more then 80% of the Penang’s raw water needs daily. As of yesterday, the recorded level of the river was 2.69 meters, which is still above 2.0 meter ”Alert Level”. Secondly, the effective water capacities for Penang’s three main dams which serve as strategic drought reserves at 2nd April as compared to [28th March 2014), are as follows:

DamEffective Capacity (%)Duration of Supply (Days)
Teluk Bahang Dam76.5 % | [77.5 %]233 Days | [236 Days]
Air Itam Dam65.2 % | [65.2 %]63 Days | [64 Days]
Mengkuang Dam38.4 % | [38.6 %]64 Days | [64 Days]


The Penang State Government and PBAPP will appeal to the people of Penang to urgently conserve water at all costs to prolong dam storage reserves.

Conserve Water Now
There is need to implement effective and efficient water demand management. Water consumption in Penang was the highest in malaysia at 295 litres per capita per day (I/C/D) in 2013. For the first two month in 2014, the figure further increased by 5.4% to 311 (I/C/D). This is 46.7% more then the national average of 212 (I/C/D). The state government is concerned that as a result of climate change, the drought we are facing now may not only persist this year but more worryingly may continue over the next few years. As such it is imperative that effective water demand management must be in force.

So far measures by the state government and PBAPP to reduce water demand management has not been successfully whether through education or implement Water Conservation Surcharge to impose penalties for water wastage. As such Penang State EXCO had decided in our meeting this morning that whilst we will not impose water rationing for April 2014, we accept PBAPP’s Management request to actively study increasing water traffic to reduce water consumption. In the meantime, we urge Pennagites to conserve water and support the drive to avoid water rationing in Penang until the wet season arrives and Penang Raw water situation has stabilised, the public should use water wisely as follows;

  1. Avoid using a hose as far as possible. Using a hose wastes water.
  2. Wash your car or motorcycle less often. Avoid using a hose instead use a bucket and a damp cloth or sponge to clean your vehicle.
  3. Water your plants with a watering can. Avoid using a hose.
  4. Sweep your porch or driveway. Avoid using hose.
  5. Fix all leaking taps, pipes or toilet system immediately.
  6. Do not leave any taps running in your home or office.
  7. Teach your children to shut taps properly.
  8. Use your washing machine only when you have a full load.
  9. If you wash clothes by hand, do not leave the tap running. Turn it on when you rinse.
  10. Fill and plug your sink when washing/rinsing food, dishes and cutlery.
  11. Mop the floor instead of using a hose or splashing water from a bucket.
  12. Turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth. Turn it in only when it is time to rinse your mouth.
  13. Turn off the tap while sapping your hands. Turn it on only when it is time to rinse.
  14. Take shorter showers.
  15. Turn off the shower when you are soaping your body.
  16. Install “double-flush” systems in your toilet. Usually, a “half-flush” does the job.
  17. Avoid flushing rubbish down toilet. Put rubbish in the rubbish bin.
  18. Call 04 509 6 509 to report leaks at roadside mains or pipes immediately. The PBAPP Call Centre operates 24 hours a day.

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