KUANTAN, April 10 – Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak Thursday reminded the people against moving to arbitrarily change the government of today. He said the government of today had proven that it could implement the change and development that the people desired. “Let’s not change the government (of today) just because we want a change; more importantly, we want change and progress. Why must we change if the (Barisan Nasional) party can fulfil and implement the change and progress?” he said at the presentation of land titles for the Seri Damai Collective Land Scheme near Kuantan.

Najib said there was a possibility that what the people hoped for could not be fulfilled if they were to go for the change. “We must know the ultimate outcome,” he said. Najib, who is the MP for Pekan, said many countries where the government had been overthrown by the people did not achieve the desired outcome. He said the people should maintain their trust in the government of today to help realise the government’s mission to make the country a developed nation by 2020. At the event, the prime minister handed out land titles to 167 participants. Each individual received a 0.4-hectare plot. The Seri Damai scheme was initiated in November 1985 along with 36 other schemes in the Kuantan district.

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