PENANG, April 17 – We received the tragic news of the death of Sdr Karpal Singh with much grief and sorrow. We invite all members and supporters to mourn the passing of our beloved leader. It came as a great shock to us and I appeal to our members to remain calm and await the announcement of funeral arrangement by the family. Sdr Karpal’s contribution to nation-building will be perpetually remembered, particularly for being a beacon of hope, a fearless politician and parliamentarian and an accomplished lawyer. He was a principled democrat, a freedom fighter and justice seeker. He helped laid the foundation of the social democratic DAP since joining the party over 40 years ago. He remained the pillar of this party and continued to guide its future until he breathed his last. His stewardship is sadly missed now and irreplaceable. His greatest reward is seeing the DAP becoming State Government. His vision for a Malaysian Malaysia will now be continued by those he left behind.

Karpal’s steadfast persue of justice, law and order, human rights, democratic ideals and good governance would be his hallmark  that would be difficult to emulate. He had given his life serving the people and the country. He had given a voice to the people, the poor and down-trodden and the rest. He had been a throne in the flesh of the high and mighty and no laws nor detentions could stop him from going after leaders who are corrupted and who abused their position of power. He had been persistent in preserving the secular state status of Malaysia and would not compromised his stand and ideals nor want to work with evil forces that seek to destroy the sanctity of the Constitution. His passing would be a great loss to the DAP, Pakatan Rakyat and Malaysia. We extend our deepest condolences to the wife, children and family members whose loss would be beyond our description.
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