GEORGETOWN, April 19 – IJM Promenade route in Sungai Pinang, Penang will be renamed as ‘Persiaran Karpal Singh’ as an honour to the late politician and lawyer Karpal Singh, who died in an accident on Thursday. Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said he will propose the route rename at the next executive council meeting. “I will propose to the members of the state executive council meeting state that we rename the route as Persiaran Karpal Singh in honour of the late Karpal Singh’s contributions to the society and the country,” Lim said in a press conference conducted at Karpal’s home in Georgetown. These are 800 meters or 0.8 miles seafront routes, located near the Penang First Bridge. Meanwhile, his widow, Gurmit Kaur appreciated the efforts by the Penang state government, including the nomination to rename IJM Promenade route name to her husband’s. “I appreciate the efforts the state has been doing in remembrance of my late husband and the path name in conjunction with the name of my late husband and I’m grateful to everyone,” said Gurmit.

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