GEORGETOWN, April 19 – During this difficult period, I would like to put on record my utmost appreciation towards the Penang State Government for assisting in the entire proceedings and giving my beloved husband YB Karpal a funeral with state honours by lowering state flags to half mast until Sunday and by giving him a state flag to be draped over his casket and a two hour public funeral at Dewan Sri Pinang tomorrow morning. I am also very grateful to the State Government for announcing that the IJM Promenade in Sungai Pinang is to be named as Karpal Singh Drive (Persiaran Karpal Singh) after my beloved husband The Tiger of Jelutong now has a road named after him in Jelutong.

I am more then certain this appreciation by the State Government will make not only my beloved husband YB Karpal Singh proud to be a Penangite but also make me and my whole family proud. I would also like to extend my profound thanks to family, friends and members of the public from not only malaysia but all over the world for their prayers and well wishes during this period.

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