KUALA LUMPUR, April 24 – Jason Lim, a 28 year-old film director, has produced a four-minute short film on ignorant, inconsiderate and selfish drivers on Malaysian roads. He said the film aimed to show the importance for the motoring public to give way to ambulances rushing to and from scenes of accidents. The film entitled, “Who cares!!! The Truth About Malaysian Drivers”, had also documented scenes of drivers tailgating and obstructing ambulances. Jason Lim Productions had re-enacted an accident scene in Kuala Lumpur and had placed hidden cameras in the accident vehicle to record how real-life drivers had deliberately slowed down to take pictures for their own use. “This film or public service announcement will portray the elements of love, fear, anger and death. By making this film, we hope to capture the attention of drivers and public to understand the important message behind it,” said Lim, adding that he was discussing with a local TV network to air the documentary.

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