KUALA LUMPUR, May 2 – The incident took place after the rally dispersed, a group of youths who participated in protest rallies Goods and Services Tax (GST ) attacked a group of press photographers who were covering the media in Jalan Raja near Dataran Merdeka today. Group young masked and dressed in black , calling themselves the ‘ Antifa ‘ had attempted provocation on the photographer said. They hurl abusive language and obscene gestures and then attack the media involved. Following the incident, the Malaysian Press Photographers Association ( MPPA ) criticized the action and takes a serious view of the matter .” MPPA serious view of this incident because this rally is peaceful rally permits and under the supervision of the authorities. Should have no trouble ensued .

“We regret that a small group of young men still acting wild by attacking the media photographers on duty ” clear MPPA secretary general , Naim Mohammad Firdaus Abdul Aziz in a statement. MPPA in his statement also indicated that they would report it to the police and will look to the lawyers because there is pictorial evidence . Meanwhile, Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek condemn the youth group and described it as an improper action . ” The act of hitting and kicking journalist who perform should be condemned . Freedom of journalism is not just about permits and laws . Most important are an appreciation society for the profession and its responsibilities ” he said in a recent status uploaded on his Facebook . Shabery also urged the media respected because they were already struggling to convey to the people.

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