PETALING JAYA, May 5 – The Fourth Lane Widening Project, which cost RM1.4 billion, is 62 per cent completed, said Plus Malaysia Bhd Chief Operating Officer Mohammad Fuad Khusairi. The project covers the 16 kilometre Shah Alam-Sungai Buloh stretch, Bukit Lanjan-Jalan Duta (7 km), Sungai Buloh-Rawang (13 km), and Nilai (North) Interchange-Port Dickson (27 km). Speaking at a media briefing here Monday, he said the project, which started in July 2012, is expected to be completed by year end. “Upon completion, the project will give additional capacity of 33 per cent to accommodate 220,000 vehicles daily, from the current 170,000 vehicles daily,” he said.

Mohammad Fuad said the project was now in the second phase, which include works of re-aligning and re-marking the current lanes and construction works of pavement sub-bases at the respective stretches. “As such, we will take all necessary measures to ensure effective traffic management such as activating the contra flow, installing warning and informatory signages, plastic barriers and so on,” he said. The pavement works would be conducted at night when there would be less traffic, and require a minimum of four hours for proper curing of the new pavement surfaces, he said.

In another development, Mohammad Fuad said he was not aware that the company was now the target of a takeover by a private company as reported in the news recently. “I don’t know. Any takeover proposal should be submitted to the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) and UEM Group Bhd, not to us,” he said when asked whether the company has received a takeover proposal. UEM Group Bhd and the Employees Provident Fund are the current owners of Plus following the nationalisation of the highway company in 2010.

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