TELUK INTAN, May 25 – Reducing poverty rate from 80 per cent at the time of the country’s independence to less than three per cent now was a big achievement by the Malaysian government among developing countries, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said here Sunday. He said the earnestness of the national leaders in drawing up policies and strategies and in ensuring good implementation had enabled the country to get out of the scourge of poverty and to achieve developed-nation status by 2020. “The United Nations through the Millennium Development Goals has set the target of eradicating poverty by 2015.

“Th world has not solved the problem (poverty), but in Malaysia, we have solved it earlier than other countries. That is an extraordinary achievement that we should be proud of,” he said at a function in conjunction with the Teachers Day celebration which was attended by nearly 1,000 teachers from around here. He said Malaysians were enjoying a better and more comfortable life in all aspects due to the success of various development-oriented and people-centred policies. Muhyiddin said the government’ strong commitment to stimulating the country’s economy was also proven by the increased opportunities in education and employment and in raising income and living standard.

He said besides developing and optimising the resources available, the government had also successfully attracted foreign investors, turning Malaysia into a major business, industrial and technology hub in the region. “Our per capita income today has reached US$10,000 and in the next six years, it can reach US$15,000, which is a good achievement. “The people also have no problems in obtaining loans or assistance from the banks to carry out business, while the government also provides various forms of assistance to the people,” he noted. He said Malaysia’s position at 12th in the World Competitiveness Yearbook 2014 from 15th last year was another success in the country’s transformation efforts. Meanwhile, Muhyiddin regreted that the opposition not only failed to appreciate the successes achieved by Malaysia, but were also out to confuse the people by claiming that the government had brought no development to the country and people.


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