KUALA LUMPUR, May 30 — The National Fatwa Council has maintained its original decision that certain Cadbury products that were consumed were halal although they were later found to contain porcine DNA. Council committee chairman Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Abdul Shukor Husin said the contamination “had occurred beyond the scope of control and was difficult to avoid “In the case of ready-made products that had been marketed and produced in a halal manner but later found to be contaminated with pig DNA in certain batches only, the committee has decided that it is categorised as Umum al-Balwa.”

He said this was a rampant problem which was difficult to avoid, Bernama reported. Dr Abdul Shukor said Muslims who had consumed the chocolates need not have any doubt about the cleanliness of their bodies and need not cleanse their stomachs and mouths or have blood transfusions. “Islam is not so rigid as to inconvenience its believers, especially in a situation that is beyond their control,” he said. Faizal Nor Izham, meanwhile, reports that the Muslim Consumers Association Malaysia (PPIM) has called for a boycott of all Cadbury and Kraft products, saying it is concerned about the violation of the Food Act.

“The issue of halal and haram is secondary. The fact is people were not properly informed about the ingredients,” said PPIM activist Sheikh Abdul Kareem Said Khadaied “People in general have been misled. What about vegetarians? They must also feel betrayed,” he added. He said a firm stand had to be made as there were varying responses from the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim), Cadbury and the Health Ministry. He said the association would boycott the company.

“We want to show them we are serious about this. Cadbury has lost our trust because they have either been careless or have intentionally allowed this to happen,” he said. Sheikh Abdul Kareem said 800 retailers under the Association of Muslim Wholesalers and Retailers Malaysia (Mawar) would also boycott products manufactured by Kraft. PPIM is also considering legal action. Mawar adviser Bazeer Ahmad Mohd Ibrahim called for calm following threats to burn Cadbury factories. “We are not out to create animosity. We want to handle the issue with care and not sensationalise it so that everyone can live in peace and harmony. We want to educate the people,” he said.

— By: The Malay Mail Online