MELAKA, June 2 – The Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) needs an additional RM70 million allocation to purchase equipment and improve the logistics needed to face the El Nino phenomenon, said its Director-General, Datuk Wan Mohd Nor Ibrahim. He said the department had submitted a request for it to the Federal Government and was now preparing to face the phenomenon forecast to occur in South East Asia in the middle of the year. He said the request had to be made as more forest fires especially in peat areas were expected to occur and the process of putting them out required special and up-to-date equipment.

“We have just been through a prolonged drought season which lasted for three months when there were 15,000 fires, and there were many shortcomings recorded, especially involving logistics,” he told reporters after attending a duties handing-over ceremony here Monday. At the ceremony, former Pahang JBPM Deputy Director, Nazili Mahmood was appointed as Melaka JBPM director replacing Zainuddin Md Alip who was transferred to the Planning and Research Department in the JBPM Headquarters in Putrajaya.

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