SUNGAI BULOH, Sept 7 — Umno will struggle to stay relevant for today’s increasingly critical-minded voters if it fails to address key issues including social justice and economic equality, party deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said today. Empowered voters are demanding greater civil liberties and economic justice, making it imperative for the party leadership to tackle the issues soon. “Is providing schools, colleges and what not important? Of course. It is the right thing to do, but have our votes increased by us providing voters with amenities? No it has not. In fact it has decreased,” Muhyiddin told delegates at the Umno Subang division annual meeting.

“This is an age where voters are better informed about their rights. This is a time where key issues for them are to be treated justly, fairly and equitably. Like freedom of speech and economic equitability; like what is provided in the Federal Constitution,” he added. The deputy prime minister added that these issues are now central to Umno’s relevance and political survival. “Education, rights, equality, justice, fairness. All these are things that we must look into deeper. Because when we speak of them, we are talking about Umno’s relevance. Its survival,” he said.

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