GEORGETOWN, Sept 14 – The Chinese community believes that Twa Peh Kong blessed the people with health and prosperity, and the Twa Peh Kong temples are places of worship commonly found in urban and rural areas in Malaysia. However, not all Twa Peh Kong temples at various places in Malaysia celebrate their deity’s birthday on the same date. Nevertheless, “Twa Peh Kong Festival” has helped to promote Twa Peh Kong temples in the Chinese community.

To make “Twa Peh Kong Festival” become a generally accepted traditional festival and a being celebrate as common international festival, we need a long-term unremitting effort to achieve it. The inaugural Twa Peh Kong Festival was celebrated in the year 2009, the Bintulu Tua Peh Kong Temple organized the Sarawak Tua Peh Kong Day Celebration. The following year Sibu Eng Ann Teng Tua Peh Kong Temple hosted the 2nd Sarawak Tua Peh Kong Day Celebration. The third one (2011) was held in 10th mile Tua Peh Kong Temple in Kota Padawan.

To develop the celebration for all Twa Peh Kong temples in Malaysia, the 4th Tua Peh Kong Day was then held in Sabah, organized by the Pertubhan Chon Chu Kung, Ranau. In year 2013, the celebration once again held in Sarawak, successfully organized by Tokong Fuk Teck Kung, Beliong, Kuching, Sarawak.  The organizers’ vision to develop the celebration to national level will materialize in year 2014. This religious festival has developed and grown and has finally reached West Malaysia.  Poh Hock Seah, Penag will be the host for the ‘6th Malaysia Twa Peh Kong Festival’ in year 2014.


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