KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 22 – Outgoing Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said today he would continue serving the people as the Bandar Tun Razak MP. On his post as Port Klang assemblyman, Khalid, however, said that it would be decided after he attends the Selangor assembly sitting in November. “I will not step down as MP, but I will wait for the state assembly sitting before making decision on whether or not I will resign as assemblyman,” he said after attending a farewell party hosted in his honour in Shah Alam today. Khalid called on the incoming menteri besar to lead the state government to fulfil the promises outlined in the 13th general election manifesto.

This, he said, should include the distribution of water rights to the people after the restructuring of the state’s water industry was fully completed. “We are close to completing the restructuring of Selangor water industry… that means that the state’s water asset of more than RM14 billion is now returned to the state government and will be handed over to the people of Selangor. “This is the challenge for the new menteri besar. If we don’t do this, the people will punish us because we have promised them this in the 13the general election,” he said. Khalid also called on state civil servants to continue serving the people. “Let the politicians fight… let them continue with their antics. “Let’s continue doing what we think is right… when we feel that we are contributing to something, we will do it responsibly.”

Khalid also thanked them for helping him administer the state throughout his tenure since March 2008. Selangor State Secretary Datuk Mohammed Khusrin Munawi said during his four years of service with Khalid, there was no political interference whatsoever in the state’s administration.  He said this was because Khalid had given him full trust to implement all policies concerning the state and the people. “Over the past four years serving the people with Tan Sri (Khalid), there was no political interference in the state’s administration in Selangor. “As state administrators, we have never been pressured. In fact, we were free to make decisions according to the stipulated policies.” The swearing-in ceremony for Azmin Ali, the new menteri besar is scheduled to be held in Istana Alam Shah, Klang, at 10am tomorrow.

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