KUALA LUMPUR,Oct 3 – Environmentalists are hoping that under the 2015 Budget, due emphasis will given to energy efficiency and sustainable living. Top on their list of priorities is for the government to introduce more energy efficiency policies and invest more in green technology. Association of Water and Energy Research Malaysia president S. Piarapakaran said the government should have a more holistic approach to improve energy efficiency.

“We hope that the government will introduce energy labelling for vehicles so that we can improve energy efficiency in the transportation sector. “A comprehensive demand-side management for water must be developed to outline steps and procedures to assist domestic, industrial and agricultural sectors to optimise water efficiency,” he told the New Straits Times yesterday.

Green Tech Malaysia chief executive officer Ir Ahmad Hadri Haris said the government should provide more tax incentives to industries that practised energy efficiency. “We will be introducing the MyHijau Mark, which recognises certified products, equipment and systems that have been verified and met local and international environmental and ecological standards.

“By purchasing MyHijau Mark products, companies may be able to benefit from the Green Investment Tax Allowance,” he said, adding that they had also proposed a Good and Services Tax exemption on green products bearing the MyHijau label. Malaysian Environmental NGOs president Yasmin Rasyid said the budget should address the price of green products.

“For example, the government should control the price of locally-made green products while reducing its dependency on imported products to reduce carbon emission.” Yasmin said to raise awareness, the government should consider increasing the allocation for education on environment for the younger generation. This was crucial to maintain the sustainability of the planet, she added.

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