KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 3 – Two Malaysian women were arrested in connection with the seizure of RM107 million worth of heroin at the Kaohsiung International Airport in Taiwan. The China Post, quoting the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB), reported that the two women were busted after behaving suspiciously.

According to their travel details, the women did not request for their luggage be checked-in as they entered Cambodia from Kuala Lumpur which raised the suspicions of the authorities as they were carrying large trunks when they attempted to enter Taiwan. The two also hung around the airport after arriving there at 11.30pm on Monday evening and did not proceed to customs until 1am on Tuesday.

It was alleged that they tried to pass through customs carrying bricks of heroin, weighing 4.6kg, wrapped in carbon paper and concealed in hidden compartments in their luggage. The report quoted the CIB as stating that the suspects had possibly travelled from Kuala Lumpur to Cambodia to acquire the heroin before attempting to enter Taiwan through Kaohsiung International Airport via a transfer flight from Hong Kong.

They also stated that this was a typical method for international narcotics rings which recruited poor youths as drug mules. The youths are instructed to enter their intended destination through connecting flights into less prominent air traffic hubs. In this case, the investigators stated that poverty and a promise of about RM16,000 per run, had driven the two Malaysian suspects to become drug traffickers. Following their arrest, the two suspects were transferred to the Taipei District Prosecutors Office for questioning regarding the international drug ring responsible.

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