KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 4 – MH17 victim, Matthew Ezekial Sivagnanam was honoured for the last time at his funeral service by the Fatima Church in Brickfields, friends, family and his 10-year-old cousin. Towards the end of the service, Nathanael Clement braved the crowd to deliver his eulogy, describing his cousin as “warm and loving”.

“My cousin had a special smile that made everyone around him smile along with him. When he liked something or someone, he reveals it, especially food, like cake or pizza. “He was a warm person and he wasn’t afraid of showing me how much he loved me. We all love and miss you but we know you are in a happier place now may your soul rest in peace,” he told a 200 odd crowd of family and friends.

Sivagnanam will rest with his parents Paul Rajasingam Sivagnanam and Mabel Anthonysamy Soosai who were buried at the Cheras cemetery. His parents were also victims to the tragedy. The Malaysian Airlines flight was shot down while in Ukrainian airspace en route to Kuala Lumpur on July 17. Sivagnanam was brought into the church at 11am, in a casket draped with the Malaysian flag and flowers, a toy car and a white teddy bear placed on it.

Father Stanislaus Soosaimariam gave a few words of encouragement to the family through his sermon. The sorrow everyone was going through, he said, was positive as once again people could feel the strong presence of God in their lives. Soosaimariam paid tribute to the government who had honoured the victims of MH17 by draping the coffin with the Jalur Gemilang.

“We must end our grieving and begin our celebration, it’s through suffering and death we see unity among us.” At 11.22am the church paused for a moment of silence in show of respect and love for the victim. “Give him a place among angels and saints,” the church urged through one of its speakers. At 11.50am the casket was sprinkled with holy water and blessed with incense before it was carried out and brought to the Cheras cemetery.

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