KUALA LUMPUR Oct 5- Lim Kit Siang has criticised the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak for his failure to galvanise the Global Movement of Moderates (GMM) on a national level since its inception. The DAP supremo said the movement to promote moderation throughout the world had also been found wanting.

In his blog posting today, Lim said that unless GMM turned its tables around by mobilising its world opinion against the Islamic State (IS) for instance, Najib’s wasatiyyah (moderation) campaign would have no credibility. The Gelang Patah Member of Parliament pointed out that Najib’s Aidiladha message saw the latter reiterate that he would keep faith with the “moderation” pledge he made at the 69th United Nations General Assembly last month.

“Najib should realise that his wasatiyyah (moderation) campaign of justice, balance and excellence would have no credibility whatsoever unless he is seen as upholding all these principles not only in the international arena but also in his government policies inside the country.” Citing today’s news report of an Umno delegate calling on the upcoming Umno general assembly to discuss abolishing the Chinese vernacular school system on the grounds that it promoted racism and anti-establishment sentiments, Lim said this was the latest failure of Najib’s wasatiyyah campaign.

Lim said the Umno delegate’s proposal to raise the intake of Malay and Indian students and teachers in Chinese schools to 60% was the best proof that Najib’s five-year premiership had failed to foster justice, balance and excellence. Adding that the report was of no surprise, Lim said this was because of Najib’s failure in firmly establishing both 1Malaysia and GMM campaigns.

He, however, said that the majority of Malaysians wanted the see the GMM succeed. “If there are any reservations about the GMM, it is whether Najib is prepared to allow GMM full rein to promote moderation and marginalise extremism, whether nationally or internationally.” Lim suggested that Najib empower the movement by initiating an international conference.

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