KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 5 – The relevance of maintaining Chinese vernacular schools should be discussed in the upcoming Umno General Assembly next month to address racial sentiments that have painted the government in a bad light. Petaling Jaya Utara Umno deputy division chief Mohamad Azli Mohemed Saad said the assembly should also discuss whether the vernacular school system should be continued.

“Many are of the opinion that Chinese vernacular schools have been exploited by opposition parties to incite hatred towards other races, and spread racial and anti-government sentiments. “We should debate on whether Chinese vernacular schools should be abolished, or to increase the intake of Malay and Indian students, and teachers to 60 per cent (in such schools).”

Azli added that Chinese vernacular schools should be under the Education Ministry’s jurisdiction. This, he said, was important to eliminate all forms of racial sentiments that were often politicised by those who lacked political understanding. “Malaysia is the only country in the world that practises the dual-stream education system.  “Both systems must be put under one umbrella for better management and to prevent future problems.”

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