KUALA LUMPUR Oct 7- PAS lawmaker Khalid Samad has slammed Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) president Abdullah Zaik after the latter labelled him a lost person without a compass. Abdullah had labelled the Shah Alam Member of Parliament as such possibly due to his stance on Oktoberfest or on DAP’s purdah-wearing member Jamilah Rahim, better known as Melati.

In a posting in his blog today, Khalid said Abdullah continued to use a broken compass instead, as Isma continued to promote chauvinistic Islam and was unable to differentiate racism and chauvinism from Islamic teachings. “I want to tell him, if I lost my compass, I am a seasoned man because I can be guided by the stars in the sky at night or the shadows during the day.”

Touching on the recent flurry of calls to ban the ongoing Oktoberfest beer festival, Khalid also slammed the Isma leader for asking him to differentiate between ‘beer festival’ and ‘drinking beer’. Beer drinking, he said, would occur at such festivals. “If they want to shower in beer whatsoever, do you have a problem?,” he asked. Khalid stressed that it only became a problem when others urged Muslims to drink alcohol.

However if the organisers wanted to introduce new brands and products, he wondered what problems it posed to Muslims. Khalid clarified that the purpose of this Oktoberfest was to conduct marketing and promotion and not to promote alcohol, partying and losing control. “If that was the goal, why would any company want to sponsor and waste money?”

Clarifying his thoughts on Melati, Khalid said it was better that she joined the Chinese-majority party rather than Umno or Isma. In DAP, he argued, the 22-year-old would learn the concepts of integrity, transparency, efficiency and responsibility. Khalid said she would also learn to reject racism as it was rejected by DAP. “If she was in Umno or Isma, what she can learn? Money politics, flattering and cajoling?

“Racism? May Allah save Melati and fellow Muslims from all this.” Meanwhile in a message to Melati, the Pas central committee member advised her to always keep to her aqidah and Islamic practices at all times. Melati, he said, would not learn religious matters from DAP because DAP often referred to Pas pertaining to issues involving Islam. He added that while joining Pas could be a better option for her, he admitted that there might be a push factor towards her decision.

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