KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 8 – The political cooperation between Umno, MCA and MIC is no different than the ‘tahaluf siyasi’ concept mooted by PAS, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said. Dr Mahathir, in his blog Chedet today, stated that despite PAS repeatedly branding Umno as infidels for their cooperation with the non-Muslims, they were now doing the same “but only worse” by working with the biggest opposition to its Islamic agenda — DAP.

PAS, the former Prime Minister reminded, claimed that Muslims were prohibited from working with non-Muslims as they would become an infidel if they did so. By such logic, Mahathir said, Malays in Umno and their supporters have become infidels. However, the Islamist party, justified its working relationship with DAP by disguising it under the Arabic term, to allow their alliance with the non-Muslim party while at the same time condemning Umno.

“Don’t say cooperation, say the phrase ‘tahaluf siyasi’ and all working relationship with the ‘infidels’ became halal.” He said PAS’s ally, DAP, had clearly rejected its vision of an Islamic country accompanied by hudud law while Barisan Nasional’s non-Muslim parties had never gone against Umno’s Islamic principles.

“But while Umno’s non-Muslim allies did not even reject Umno’s claim that Malaysia was an Islamic country, DAP had overtly fought against the Islamic country concept and hudud which PAS is fighting for.” Although PAS has branded Umno as infidels, it could no longer deny the need to work with one if the party planned to gain power in the centre stage and achieve its objectives, Mahathir added.

He rubbed salt on PAS’s wound by adding that despite going against its word and working with the so-called infidels, the party was still faring badly as seen in the 13th General Election, gaining only 21 seats compared to DAP, who successfully garnered 38, and PKR, 30. “Meanwhile, Pulau Pinang stays in the hands of DAP and Selangor in PKR’s, but PAS has lost Kedah. Clearly PAS has been cheated by DAP.”

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