Mr Ooi Peng Ee
CEO of Penang Science Cluster,

Mr Koay Chiew Guan
President, Small and Medium Enterprises Association Malaysia

Mr Pau Kew Chong
Principal, Fourier Technical Consultants
Members of the Media

Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

A good afternoon to everyone present today. It gives me great pleasure to witness the signing of the MOU between FTC, PSC and SAMENTA on the Vocational Skills Employment Program or VSEP. The Penang State government’s is to transform Penang into an international and intelligent city whole maintaining its strong heritage and preferred tourist location in Malaysia. Over the last 40 years, we have seen Penang transforming itself into the silicon island of the east because of its established high tech industries.

The Penang State Government has worked very hard to develop Penang into the prime location it is today for leisure as well as business. The only key factor driving our growth is our people. It is often said that people are our greatest assets. In Penang, we firmly believe in that! It is very important that we ensure that all individuals in our society have the opportunity to develop their capabilities and contribute to the best of the abilities to our beloved state and country.

Today, students and parents are focused on achieving good academic results. This is good. However, we must also not neglect the students who are vocationally inclined, those who have good hands-on skills but don’t do so well academically for a variety reasons. The Penang State Government believes that the vocationally inclined students have an important role to play in the industrial development of our state and country. Thus, I am very happy today to be here to witness the signing of this program – Vocational Skills Employment Program or VSEP. This program will give many benefits to all parties.

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