The program that we are launching is Vocational Skills Employment Program (VSEP). This is a collaborative program between Penang Science Cluster (PSC), Association of Small and Medium Enterprises Malaysia (SAMENTA) and Fourier Technical Consultant (FTC). VSEP is aimed to create more employment for local youths and boost the productivity of the state of Penang. Specifically, this program is to equip the local youths with relevant technical skills, work experience as well as adequate knowledge of the field which candidates are working in.

In order to achieve this, programme is structure as dual track; integrated work and study. In work skills track, candidates are able to get hands-on and partial on-the-job training while working in the respective member’s companioned getting paid with remuneration package on a monthly basis. On the other hand, for study track candidates would attend classroom education and training at FTC. In FTC, candidates will be coached and taught with the necessary technical knowledge using cCity & Duids (UK) International Vocational Certification Program. At the end of this program candidates will awarded with City & Guilds (UK) diploma in Engineering (in the respective disciplines).

All parties will be benefiting from VSEP. This will help the Penang Science Cluster to further promote technology and engineering education amongst th youths. Program helps to provide workforce that matches industrial needs. Consequently, it helps to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of our local industries. Participating companies will be able to obtain skilled and trained workers that fits respective company work culture.

This framework will provide a better retention of skilled workers as program provides an education pathway for the participants. In additional, participating companies can save cost on hiring and training of its workforce, and reduce reliance on foreign labour. As this program is fully sponsored, there will be no financial burden the participants’ parents. Therefore at the end of this program, participants will obtain right skills set, work experience and technical knowledge which can lead them to a higher income.

The program has four levels; firstly the Proficiency level (6 months), level 1 (Certificate in Engineering), level 2 (Advanced Certificate in Engineering) then lastly level 3 (Diploma in Engineering). The proposed salary package minimum RM900 and above. There will be a work agreement between the participant and sponsor company based on each level.

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