HONG KONG, Oct 15 –¬†Civic Party members Chen Jian Chao, on Wednesday morning when the police executed the Lung Wo Road clearance operation, he was assaulted by the official police when his hands were tied up with a rope.¬†Amnesty International said the police beatings must accept legal sanctions.

Amnesty International has confirmed details of the attack was to assist health super lawyer. Hong Kong Branch Director District Mabel believes that incident reflects police arrested person does not pose a threat to their malicious attacks, and urged the authorities must investigate the incident immediately. If the police officers involved to verify violations substantiated and should be prosecuted.

District Mabel also described, for some police officers consider themselves above the law, it makes one feel disgusting. District Mabel said all exercise of freedom of expression and assembly of persons arrested must be immediately and unconditionally released. Amnesty International urges the Hong Kong police to show restraint and avoid any illegal use of force.

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