HONG KONG, Oct 16 – Force to the host beating demonstrators shocking account of the international media have a substantial report that the Hong anger caused by such acts, so that the original momentum fade accounts in protest again heating up. Another account of the conflict show signs of warming, the BBC had connections in China can (BBC) English-language news network, yesterday suddenly blocked.

China blocked the BBC website
“Force to the host crackdown scandal”, “obviously beating protesters film caused outrage in Hong Kong”, yesterday, “Wall Street Journal”, “Los Angeles Times” and “New York Times” and other US media reported the whole matter in a similar title. “Wall Street Journal” means, “it also allows already ailing this (accounting in) movement, have the opportunity to inject new impetus.”

“New Zealand time” means the movie is always supported by the Government of the Hong Kong TVB (TVB) broadcast, and said Force to the host has been accused of illegally used when violence this video to let Hong Kong people share their feelings.
“Wall Street Journal” to access the Chinese University of Hong Kong students protest, said: “? Hong Kong is still the rule of law do if there is no rule of law, economy and society, how can sustainable development?”

BBC English website yesterday suddenly unable to connect in China, following the end of 2010 Chinese political prisoner Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel peace prize since, BBC English network for the first time by Chinese blockade. BBC Chinese network is established since 1999 have been blocked by Chinese.
“Wall Street Journal” published in Asia editor Restall commented that Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying “authoritarian governance”, “unable to respond to the needs of Hong Kong”, “Hong Kong’s political deadlock is caused by the core issue.”

Bloomberg (Bloomberg) columnist Bi Seke condemned, Hong Kong has become a “tycoon governance, nepotism” in society, harm to economic development, Leung Chun-ying must step down. He wrote: “? Ying is toxic assets (Beijing authorities), his daughter in the face book but did not help laughing at the poor really, Beijing is where to find such a person to govern Hong Kong” also said that since Hong Kong’s return “Three chief executive than a bad one.”

Worry demonstrations continued radicalization
But foreign media also points out in demonstrations radicalization account the concerns of “Wall Street Journal” to access a 34-year-old fitness instructor involved in the demonstrations, he said: “The mentality of a group of protesters have been radicalized, as if they had to fight do not think this is the peace movement, now I just hope that no one will be injured. “

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