GEORGE TOWN, Oct 17 – Lim Guan Eng had to remove a picture of an Utusan Malaysia reporter posted on Twitter after the latter complained that he was subjected to abuse. The Penang Chief Minister had on Tuesday tweeted: Liar! Utusan’s Mohd Firdaus at my Pg PC yday [email protected]: Minister blames DAP 4press ranking.

Lim had posted the photograph to rubbish the claim by Information, Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek that the DAP-led state government had banned the Umno-owned daily from its state assembly which contributed to the dismal rankings.

Penang based Utusan reporter Mohd Firdaus Ismail, however, complained that the posting led to aggressive criticisms and profanities by DAP supporters aimed at him on Lim’s Facebook account, which was linked to his Twitter handle. Lim’s tweet was also re-tweeted by several leaders. Mohd Firdaus claimed that this caused him “much distress” and took the opportunity to request Lim to remove the picture at the end of a Press conference today.

“As someone staying in Penang, I feel it is the prerogative of the Chief Minister to ensure no one is being victimised despite his beef against Utusan for allegedly carrying news that do not favour him. “I suffered much humiliation and distress reading all the comments made against me after the Chief Minister had posted a photograph of me.” Mohd Firdaus’ picture has since been removed.

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