HONG KONG, Oct 17 – When the tear gas to disperse the smoke, the earth was dry the pepper, the rest are all perseverance masses. After the pin smoke, devastated. But people who exhibit strange staying calm and did not like to impose retaliation to the police as demonstrators elsewhere. They Trolley begin to flesh Taoist chain consisting of one another, foreign resist the relentless artillery fire authorities; internal democracy is the only guardian of the faith.

It was a sleepless night, the people roar resounded throughout Hong Kong, forcefully shook the cornerstone of our democratic government proud of, I believe, the more powerful the pressure will only bring more intense rally, the presence of each individual have to agree that Hong Kong has been transformed into a democratic battlefield.

Tear gas smoke signals rising in the distance, my body near the camera in mind, said: “Today we have become a war correspondent.” I hear laugh without words, as a shield in front of rows of riot police with armor, students and the public behind a hand-held umbrellas, water bottles and other “weapons of mass destruction”, and as a reporter on the front lines in addition to frontline record the moment of conflict, but also for what? Of course, I’m really living the scene is not much choice.

However, in the comfort of their homes still have a lot you can do. When you see the television without the turntable to see “stability maintenance drama,” yells account when you are in front of the harbor who think their purpose chaos, even when you go through when you lay down for the protesters Admiralty Solidago water, a caring, already is helped.

Some people say that Hong Kong is the day to implement universal suffrage shortage really going to happen, so do not make futile thing. Is democracy just like Carol Cheng in “Hello cousin Ye 3” say, by the central authorities, and we do not fight? Listen to joke a glance. Today, more than a dozen in the future, has re smell the pungent pepper spray, tear gas shell casings kick less everywhere, but the thing is not already over.

Thousands of thousands of people still occupy the Admiralty, Mong Kok. That is the new open battlefield. If you have time may wish to walk the streets, you will find that there is no passing cars on the road, but more than a little different big tent. Inside, piles of donated materials by people spontaneously while sitting sideways is anywhere masses.

The strange thing is that they do not only self-restraint, but will support each other, as long as careful attention, you will find in front of young people active handset garbage bags to clean the site; left arm tattoo Han delivery of water to the frontline defense of the student ….. a friend told me that two weeks occupied reflects the quality of the most beautiful citizen, I think Hong Kong people themselves with their war booty is a citizen awakening.

Harcourt Road, Admiralty, Tim Mei Avenue, Lung Wui Road, Argyle Street, Mong Kok …… every place is guarded bastion of democracy. With tear gas on a spark ignited a wave of occupation everywhere in Hong Kong, like one after another bomb exploded in the hearts of Hong Kong people, the slumbering “silent majority” from the comfort of bombers dwelling, but also to those in power in the walls of the H-back shameless. While nobody wants to account for the movement as a means to protest, but had to admit exposure to them as I can bring a little excited because I caught the train to change history.

Scene after scene of containment, disperse constantly played, the result is that every veteran fighter for democracy, see their calendar footer war, no one will think that democracy is unattainable. Unfortunately, the government chose to democracy and freedom for the enemies, they can only step by step, abandoning the moral high ground. Water can carry a boat, can also capsize, water person, the people carry on.

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