BUKIT MERTAJAM, Oct 17 – Scores of road users were left stranded following a flash flood which hit Jalan Tembikai heading towards Taman Desa Damai here today. ‎Flood levels began to rise after a continuous three-hour downpour starting at 3pm, but the floods did not subside even after the rain stopped at 6pm this evening.

A worker, Noriza Abdul Hamid, 49, said the flash flood was the worst to hit the area since a similar incident 15 years back. Noriza, who works with a private company, said since early this year the area has been flooded, with the latest incident last month, but noted that the flood levels did not rise very high and subsided quickly.

“I dare not wade through the flood waters after seeing vehicles stranded, what with the water going into their engines. “I have to wait for the levels to go down before I can go back home to Permatang Pauh. “Those of us working h‎ere have no choice but to hang on, even though we have finished work,” she said. Noriza claimed the flash flood was due to an ongoing pedestrian bridge construction works.

As for motorcyclist Lee Yoo Hock, 62, he had to push his vehicle for 20 metres after the engine suddenly died in the flood waters. Lee said he was on his way home from Bandar Perda to Taman Sri Rambai, and decided to wade through the waters. “So because I did not want to turn back I went through the flood for 50 metres, in one-metre deep water, but my motorcycle engine suddenly died.

“We hope the rain will stop, as the continuous downpour may cause water levels to rise and take a longer time to subside,” he said. Meanwhile the floods also hit several other areas such as Kebun Sireh, Bukit Tengah and Taman Mutiara.

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