“The next General Election will see not less than 6.2 million first-time voters. These voters, comprise the new generation of Malaysians who do not watch television, or listen to the radio for news and information. “They get everything they need online and all the information they receive are the things published on the Internet.

“That is why BN should change its action and focus more on non-verbal communication,” he told candidates of the Malaysian Youth Parliament in University Kebangsaan Malaysia here today. He said the party’s trend of highlighting its past successes and contributions was not what the voters needed to hear. Instead, it should work more towards presenting what it planned to do in the future, Ahmad Zahid said.

“The materials used in the campaign can no longer be nostalgic and melancholic. What people want to know is what they will gain after the election. “What is new? That is what the party should tell them.” The federal government’s approach of presenting their policies, including its financial plans, needed to be more transparent so that the public would not be quick to assume existence of hidden agendas, he added.

“People want to know everything right away and even though there are some things that should not be touched, the party (BN) has to know that there is no censorship online. “They can find everything there. Even those who come out of Tanjung Rambutan can write things online.

“That is why it is better that the party aims to be as transparent as possible so no false information can be given by others,” advised the Minister. He added to better understand the general public, the federal government should emphasise on voter profiling and adhere to the changing environment.