PUTRAJAYA, Oct 19 –¬†Datuk Seri Najib Razak today called on non-government organisations (NGOs) to follow the example of the MyNadi Foundation which spent just six per cent of its funding on administration costs. The prime minister said the foundation, set up to raise the living standards of the Indian community, had spent 94 per cent of its funds on charity and development projects.

“We hope that all NGOs in the country can emulate this practice to ensure that all the funds allocated to them will reach their targeted groups,” he said at MyNadi’s fifth anniversary celebration here. MyNadi, he said, had been allocated RM6 million by the government over the past five years, with projects that have benefited some 300,000 individuals.

Najib also called on NGOs to adopt a grounds-up approach, where projects were decided and implemented by the community itself. “Quite often, it is the government that decides which projects are planned and implemented. “When the people are involved, they will have a sense of ownership over a project, which means the project will be well-maintained and will not be undermined.” “I personally prefer this grounds-up approach, which reflects the true needs of the community.”

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