HONG KONG, Oct 19 – Assault by the police on Friday cleared “dismantle” the temple of Mong Kok, to reproduce the assembly area at night, adjourned incense. At 9 pm, the center is located in the Outer Banks Nathan street, nickname “Hobbit” rallies people, remove wooden tables, for the fruit and other offerings, and the demolition of the temple two days ago to smash the clearance operation like Emperor put, sincerity incense, pray Mong Kok is no longer cleared violence, but also bless rally public peace.

Habib said that day recovered Guandishan like statues left hand has been broken in recent days he and other volunteers try their repair, including super glue, and later found a mixture of clay and glue soil indigenous folk most cautious. Guandishan like laying again, passing one by passers and rally incense

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