PUTRAJAYA, Oct 20 – Malaysians need to stop eating excessively and start eating healthy, says Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam. He said this change was necessary as the community now faced a list of diseases which threaten their health. “We must become a calorie conscious society. That means every time we eat we must see the amount of calories we are consuming. Then we must understand how to burn these calories.

“In developed countries, people are very calorie conscious. They will look at the food before they take it. If they there was too much calories then they will avoid it,” he told a news conference on ‘Makan Secara Sihat Sempena Deepavali’ (Eat Healthy During Deepavali) here today. Based on the Malaysian Diet Guide, the suggested calorie intake for adults aged between 18 and 59, is 2,000 kcal a day for men and 1,500 kcal for women.

In conjunction with Deepavali on Wednesday, Subramaniam also reminded the Indian community to control food intake despite being served a lavish spread as is customary during such occasions. The Eat Healthy During Deepavali Guide Book, published specially for the celebration, outlined seven Deepavali dishes as a guide for healthy eating.

The guideline limits fatty, oily or fried dish for each meal, servings of fruit each day, servings of vegetables daily, avoiding food intake four hours before bedtime, limiting five grammes or one teaspoon of sugar and to ideally exercise seven times a week. The guideline can be obtained from the book which can be downloaded from the ministry’s website www.moh.gov.my or http://nutrition.moh.gov.my.

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