BEIJING, Oct. 21 – According to Chinese newspaper news, proven , Malaysia feather total declared : Lee Chong Wei in the badminton world championships in August doping test , but off , or suspended for up to two years. Prior to this, ” China Daily” reported that Malaysia feather total confirmed a top Malaysian badminton players in the men’s World Championships in August this year , but off the drug test , but players on this World Championships and the Asian Games in September have won medals.

Currently Malaysia badminton players , only Lee Chong Wei meet this condition. This SMS pointed out that Malaysia Yu confirmed the country’s overall top male badminton player a doping test at the World Championships , but off , but also in the World Championships and Asian Games have won medals . Although there is no mention specific names , but can win a medal in two consecutive contest Malaysian players , only the current men’s world number one Lee Chong Wei .

Copenhagen World Championships , Lee Chong Wei lost to Chen Long finals runner-up , while at the Incheon Asian Games , Lee Chong Wei Lin Dan eventually won the bronze medal semifinals not . Through the above analysis is not difficult to see that these players were involved in drugs may only be Lee Chong Wei . According to ” China Daily” reported that , at present, Malaysia is waiting for B bottle feather total urine reports.

After the Asian Games, Lee Chong Wei in a row out of the Denmark Super Series and French Super Series , specific reason is a continuous campaign needs a break , but I am afraid that he is the only one in the whole story became clear himself . Lee Chong Wei ( October 21, 1982 – ) , badminton men’s singles player, Malaysian Chinese , was born in Perak, Malaysia, Pakistan wink sea , a native of China Fujian Nan’an Hongmei Town Hill Village .

Known as the ” Malaysian badminton a brother .” Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia’s former wife was a famous badminton player Wong Mew Choo . Lee Chong Wei won the Beijing Olympic Games badminton men’s singles silver medal for Malaysia won Olympic silver medals in the history of the second ( the country has not won any Olympic gold medal ) , and was awarded the Datuk award. As of October 16, 2014 , Lee Chong Wei Yu ranked World Alliance first .

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