KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 21 – Pakatan Rakyat (PR) will remain a Selangor favourite if the coalition can reaffirm its two basic principles, says DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang. The Gelang Patah Member of Parliament said the two basic principles — the party’s common policy framework and the operational principle of consensus among its three component parties — can make or break the party’s political future.

In a statement released following the results of a poll conducted by University Malaya’s Centre for Democracy and Elections (UMcedel), Lim said the rebound of public support for PR in Selangor is a “confirmation that PR can restore political momentum, provided it can learn the right lessons from the self-inflicted wounds in the eight-month-long Selangor MB crisis”.

“It (the poll) showed that PR’s support in Selangor had rebounded to 43%, after taking a beating five months ago when PR’s support in the state nosedived to 35% in a survey conducted from May 10 to 19  — a 15% fall from 50% recorded in September 2012 in an earlier UMcedel survey.” The survey on 1,165 individuals from all Selangor’s 22 parliamentary constituencies was carried out just three days after newly-elected Selangor Mentri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali was sworn in, taking over the position from his predecessor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

According to Lim, the party had probably lost more that just 15% of the public support between the months of July and September as the public’s dissatisfaction towards PR was most noticed then. “Public frustration and disillusionment with PR in Selangor would have plummeted to lower than the 35% registered in May, especially in  the months from July to September which saw the greatest heights in public disenchantment with PR in Selangor until the resolution of the crisis,” he stated. Lim added that the coalition was lucky that the state’s Barisan Nasional (BN) was too weak to exploit its worst crisis in  the six years of existence.

“This is fully borne out by the two surveys of UMcedel in May and September, which showed BN support plunging from a lowly 25% in May to another drop of five percentage points in September. “The two recent UMcedel surveys have  confirmed the changed political landscape in the country where Umno/BN  represents the discredited politics of the past, while Pakatan Rakyat stands for the new future politics of hope and justice struggling to be born.”

Lim went on to say that the coalition comprising Islamist party PAS, DAP and PKR will go on to be the provider of the nation’s hopes and expectations for a better future, so long as the party works towards regaining its bearings and, “reaffirms the two basic principles of PR which had fired the imagination of 52% of the electorate transcending race, religion or region”.

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