HONG KONG, Oct 22 – Yesterday watch live, a hearing officer who shout the students English name, I am very disgusted. But the face of the wall seems to be very popular with the book down, “good sweet”, “avoid giving prawns feeling fine”… Spent the night, little reason to explain, what is wrong with shouting English play cordial.

First of all, this dialogue should be based on equality between the two sides, because this is a dialogue between citizens and government. Student’s identity was not the focus, because officials of non-line teacher. If truly democratic society, the right to grant the government of the people, officials and the public dialogue Hath inequality reason? Moreover, in order to “fair” is a dialogue-based games that end both commitments.

Students with jobs call divisions Secretary on behalf of everyone is to respect the government, the government has the power of. (Friends of laughs and some face the students is better called Lin Zheng Auntie Carrie, is on call to break their power, to return to her people.) On the other hand, officials do not respect the student’s citizenship (do not even respect their student status) , is an authority on an equal footing with the identity of the deliberations of the discussion.

What is the status of an equal footing? We look at Harry Potter. Class, the teachers is how to address the students? Is called “Harry you to answer about this issue,” it? No! They will be with Mr / Miss X (last name) called the students in the class. Only in extra-curricular, teachers talk with Harry Potter, only to call him Harry.

This is the British tradition of education, who is learned in the revered Professor of simultaneously, which was respected as a student can think independently, being rational discussion, we are learning in the classroom exchange; instead superior teachers, students taught the form. To illustrate this argument not “foreign forces”, let me explain the situation to the Chinese Language (although I think we already know).

We now usually called student-X (surname / full name) classmates. Students who impose the same in a school also. Who classmates? Call others who study together with those who have been called. Therefore, equality between is, whether students or teachers and students, or others with students, as long as the use of call of “students” were meant “we” learn together, research scholarship.

Officials can choose to call to call the citizenship of the Federation representatives, such as Chow, Leung, or student status, such as Cen students, Luo students, these are decent and equality. However, to address him by the English name is not! This uncle, auntie type “cordial” call, you can not see the unequal power behind it? ! ? !

“Oh, you kids in losing his temper does not matter anymore dialogue nurse I play games with you generous ah ~ you do not mind the heat just blindly naive child, did not understand the words I say adults Shuoyibuer it? I have the patience to give you repeat ah ~ (Recorder mode on, not redundant) good boy, dialogue games played, good to go home ah ~ “this is equal dialogue it? Is not that the naked prawns fine? !

Of course, for people’s time and space CCTVB in balance or blue ribbons and other life, it may be, “Wow! Well person to clear your field of government officials, condescended dialogue with you, Chung Han Han gracious to you, and you perform to friends . “they put themselves relegated to the status of the common people of the imperial era, no way. But the Department, one of us would not attempt to self-degradation, well no?

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