SABAK BERNAM, Oct 24 –  Selangor state government is allocating RM600,000 for irrigation and piping works in Sabak Bernam after a series of stormy weather in the district caused severe flash floods on Oct 21. Menteri Besar Azmin Ali said the that the problem faced by residents in Sabak Bernam, especially Desa Kasih that was hit the most in the recent flooding, was caused by broken water regulators.

Azmin who visited the site of flodding at Sabak Bernam today also announced another RM600,000 allocation by the state government to fix the damaged houses and apartment blocks in Pandamaran that was hit during the same storm. The areas affected were Kampung Pandaraman, Kampung Pandamaran Jaya, PKNS apartment blocks and Pandamaran fishermen jetty in Sg. Aur.

The repair works would include the installation of roofs on several premises and water tanks.  Azmin added that the state government would also provide compensation to repair and install new roofs at over 40 hours in Klang in accordance to the state of damages as evaluated by the district’s land office. He said that this would cost another RM50,000.

The state government, through Lembaga Urus Air Selangor (Luas) would also rebuild the Sungai Aur, Klang, jetty. The cost is estimated to be RM30,000.  Azmin who also visited Sekinchan after spending the morning with civil servants at Sabak Bernam’s district office, took time to meet with local fishermen and associations.

During a visit to an illegal jetty in Sekinchan, Azmin announced a plan by the state government to register some jetties that were built without proper permit and land acquisition.  “There are a number of unregistered jetties in Sekinchan and I was told that despite warnings by the district and state offices over the establishment, these jetties continued to be built and operated.

“There are more than 56 jetties in this area alone but based on the assesment done by the state government, we know that the capacity and need of jetties in this area are only 46. Thus, there should be give and take between the state and the fishermen. “I was also told of the congestion problem in Sekinchan caused by the long distance between the fish collection center and jetties in the area where loaded trucks were forced to go through small and congested roads.

“The fishermen’s association had suggested for the state government to convert a Malay reserve land into a new fish collection center. However the state will come up with a more viable solution to this matter soon,” he said.

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