KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 25 – Sex blogger Alvin Tan claims to have masterminded Ali Abd Jalil’s political asylum attempt. Alvin, who is himself seeking for political asylum in the United States as he faces sedition charges here, claimed that Ali had “consulted him” before proceeding to leave Malaysia for Europe.

“It was me who advised him along the way,” Alvin said to The Rakyat Post. Meanwhile, Alvin had also written on his Facebook account that seeking political asylum was the best way to fight Umno. “You leave and start afresh. More and more persecuted dissidents realise that there’s simply no sense in sitting in prison to rot.”

Alvin said sticking around would be a “total waste of time, waste of money and was pointless to the political struggle anyway. “Fight the good fight from abroad, then return when those pigs have been disposed of. I salute your courage and, more importantly, your wisdom, Ali,” said Tan On Oct 22, Alvin had hinted on Ali’s departure from Malaysia, via a Facebook posting.

Alvin claimed that according to his sources, he learned that another Malaysian would soon be seeking for political asylum. Declining to name the person, Alvin’s Facebook friends began a guessing game on who the person is. One Facebook user Joyce Kimmitz guessed “Ali Abd Jalil” to which Alvin replied, “Joyce, how did you know?”

Via his Facebook account today, Ali announced that the decision to seek for political asylum was because he had received various threats, allegedly from gangsters and what he claimed to be racist Malay groups in Malaysia. “Now, I am in Sweden… Looking for asylum… the Malaysian government and Sultan treat(ed) me like rubbish… I have been threatened through gangsters and racist Malay groups in Malaysia…. Malaysia is not safe for me, police and gangsters are following me all the time….,” he posted.


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