BANGKOK, Oct 31 – Asset disclosures by members of Thailand’s military-dominated post-coup Cabinet reveal they are quite well-off, a trait shared with the civilian politicians they accused of corruption. The state National Anti-Corruption Commission on Friday released the asset declarations of the 33 Cabinet ministers, 25 of whom are millionaires in dollar terms.

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, who as army commander led a May coup d’etat, listed US$3.9 million (RM12.9 million) in assets and US$20,000 in liabilities. He also reported the transfer of US$14.3 million to family members. Before his retirement at the end of September, the general received a US$43,000 annual salary as army chief. His assets include a Mercedes Benz S600L car, a BMW 740Li Series sedan, luxury watches, rings and several pistols.

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